Before Connect, there was The Dark Side

“The Dark Side” was a publication aimed solely at recruiters who are either already recruitment business owners or recruiters who might like to one day become recruitment business owners.

A production highlighting services, issues, problems and solutions relating to the set-up and operation of independent recruitment businesses in the UK market, The Dark Side fulfilled the needs of entrepreneurial recruiters.

The Dark Side was published every month from September 2011 through to the Summer of 2015 when it evolved into Connect.

The Dark Side: September 2011

Issue 1: The Holiday Issue

The birth of Connect

The first issue of Connect was published in Summer 2015.

“The Holiday Issue” covered holiday entitlement law, surviving holiday hell and the latest in recruitment and entrepreneurial news and views. Since this first issue, a catalogue of other issues have been published, each time with a new focus and a greater printing run than the previous edition. Connect has become a respected and valued publication for recruitment professionals in the UK – serving not just recruitment entrepreneurs but novice recruiters to experts.

Following the growing success of our printed issues, we wanted to find a way of getting the latest resourcing news to our readers at the moment they need it – and was born.

Through we bring the high-quality editorial standards our readers have come to expect to the digital space: Providing beautifully presented and expertly written content for industry novices and experts.

This expansion into the digital realm provides new opportunities for Connect to survey our readership’s opinions and views, build interactive and engaging content and to perpetually evolve in the ever-changing publishing environment.

We hope you enjoy using! October 2017

Founded in 2003, SSG is a Recruitment Business ‘Start-Up & Support’ venture, offering motivated Recruiters the opportunity to start and run their own recruitment business, free of investment or fixed charges or other weird & (not so) wonderful obligations.

SSG is a very simple business – we identify Recruiters who would like to run their own venture. We then launch a new business for the motivated recruiter and subsequently provide all of the support required for the start-up business to prosper.

Our launch service is free – we hope to earn our income through the charge of a descending percentage of the on-going ‘placement’ revenues of the new business. We call this our ‘Service Charge’.

So, let us be really clear: SSG is only successful if our recruiter clients are successful. Our income reflects theirs. SSG cannot rely on ‘guaranteed income’ – we need to fight to help our clients earn their money and in doing so, SSG will win too.

In terms of a business model – SSG is equally obvious. We create our own clients (the new recruitment companies). We then enter a support agreement with our new client business. If our new client generates income and earns lots of placement fees, then SSG does well too.

We are entirely transparent. Ask us whatever you want to – however many times you need to – until it all becomes obvious as to why we are so dedicated to your success.

It is very important to SSG that you to truly understand how we make our money and that you feel comfortable that we are exactly what we seem to be.

There are lots of ways to find out more: Visit, follow SSG on social media or give SSG a call on 01442 937 774


Key Facts

Business launches

existing clients

News from SSG

The Launch of Aspiria Recruit

We recently spent some time with James Kapadia of Aspiria Recruit, an exciting new venture in Exeter, Devon which has launched with the help of SSG. Here's what he had to say about the experience: Tell me about your recruitment background? 9 years with a large...

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The Launch of Harris Personnel

We recently caught up with Jeanette just a few weeks after she started her own recruitment business with SSG - here's what she had to say Tell me about your recruitment background. I have 7 years experience in the recruitment sector working my way up the career ladder...

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The launch of Bau Recruitment

The Launch of Bau Recruitment Christine Reid is another lucky recruiter who has recently launched her new recruitment business - Bau Recruitment - with the help of SSG. I caught up with Christine to find out little bit more about how she came to be the founder of Bau...

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The Launch of James Rhodes Exec Search

SSG caught up with James Rhodes - the founder of James Rhodes Exec Search, another business that SSG has helped to launch. Tell me about your recruitment background? Started in industrial recruitment after University. I applied to around 20 recruitment companies for a...

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The Launch of Arlo James Recruitment

Arlo James Recruitment are the latest company to be launched with the assistance of SSG. Sara Sangster, the founder of Arlo James has been working in recruitment for over 10 years. Over this time Sara has build up an extensive network of contacts by working in a...

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